Tile cleaning 101

Sep 18, 2018

Tile Cleaning 101

Tile may be the best type of flooring for covering up dirt, but that’s no excuse for continuing to allow dirt to build up in your Allen, TX home. Dirt, along with dust and other debris can disrupt your home’s clean air and even cause allergies. Plus, you don’t want dirty floors, visible or invisible. The good news is tile cleaning takes very little effort.

The Basics of Cleaning Tile

tile cleaningNo need to stray from the customary cleaning actions. Grab a broom, mop and vacuum and clean away! A broom is the least of the options. It will only rid of the loose dirt. A vacuum will do the same; however, the use of a vacuum is less strenuous and monotonous (though, it is louder). For the best cleaning, take a wet mop. You can mix some diluted dishwashing soap or detergent in the bucket of water to give the cleaning an extra kick. Mopping will get rid of stains and debris.

If you really want to put your back into tile cleaning, grab a rag, wet it with water, and wax on/wax off. You can replace the water with specific cleaning products. Just be sure any cleaning products are pH neutral, as acidic substances can damage the tile and its sealant (if applicable).

The Basics of Cleaning Grout

Speaking of sealants, it is highly recommended that you use one to protect your tile and tile grout over time. Think of a sealant as a protective layer between debris and the floor surface. Most importantly, sealants protect against moisture penetration. Moisture is not nearly the threat to tile as it is to carpet or hardwood; however, it does have the potential to cause damage to tile.

If you want to limit the cleaning, invest in a tile sealant. One will last for 2-3 years at a time.

Otherwise, grout cleaning can be a real annoyance. I’m sure you or someone you know has taken a tooth brush covered in vinegar and cleaned tile grout, one line at a time. That’s a multi-hour effort and you’ll probably drive yourself nuts while doing it!

Professional Tile Cleaning

Or, perhaps the best option is to have your tile undergo a professional cleaning once or twice a year. Believe us, it makes a big difference. Express Carpet Cleaning cleans tile and grout through a high-pressure water system. The water is heated and pressured to effectively remove gunk from the surface. Our system also includes suction to handle any debris that doesn’t come off initially.

Express Carpeting Cleaning professionals also use pH neutral cleaners to specifically clean ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiling. One cleaning session and we’ll have your tile, and your tile grout, looking as nice as it looked the day it was installed!

Our goal is to protect and enhance the beauty of your home flooring. Whether that pertains to tile, carpet, or upholstery, we know how to get the job done!

Give us a call if your flooring needs a deep clean. If it does not not, visit our website—www.expresscarpetcleaning.com—to learn more about our services and keep us in mind for when your floors do need to be cleaned. Lastly, check out our blog for additional helpful tips.


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